Today I devote myself to moving my body slowly and steadily without rushing my body. I use my breath to navigate the pain and resistance. I remind myself that my physical movement connected to my mental agility offers me a body/mind connection. In this space, I can create change.

There is a greater purpose in this connection.

Then, I connect to the God of my understanding, ask for spiritual guidance on how to heal my body. The answer is always about using my mind to guide my body in an integrative approach. The mind is a muscle that must be stretched every day, as do the muscles in my body that are resisting me. My body is responding to the physical and emotional stress I am enduring.

I trust that the power of my faith and the mindful movement that I engage in creates a shift to healing, and ultimately to wellness.

My feelings of pain and resistance are not my truth. I choose to shift the stressful stimulus causing my pain to my awareness of my body/mind connection. I strategically change my response to, “I am conscious of my thoughts. Thoughts are not facts. I can shift my negative thought pattern through mindful breathing and awareness of my sensations. I move purposefully and joyfully back into wellness.”

Love and blessings,


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