Deflection vs. Reflection – Love, Wendy

Until I was able to look straight into the eyes that were looking back at me in the mirror that I finally was brave enough to see, I believed his vision of me.

Never pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough.
The truth is that was never about me.

I turned the mirror towards him.
He turned his back and ran away. Literally.

You see, when one has no integrity and is not brave enough to do the inner work, they deflect. 

Deflection is a cowards game.

Deflection is one’s way of avoiding ones own truth, and a weak man’s excuse to avoid telling the truth.

Reflection takes inner strength where one authentically and courageously looks at oneself, without judgement, as is, using ones senses to connect with ones Higher self, and Spirit, with willingness to create the change you inherently know is needed….as an “evolved” being rather than pointing out the defects of others.



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