I love to observe. I watch people’s facial expressions and body language. I witness beautiful souls with an open space where they embrace others unconditionally.

I also witness from others rolling of the eyes, those who turn their back and look the other way when someone they are in conflict with approaches.

I know the circumstances behind the “conflict.” Almost infantile and empty. Behavior that I would expect from a young child who is being disciplined for unbecoming and unhealthy reactions followed by self pity.

I believe that there is so much dissension amongst grown adults due to fear, envy and ignorance. 

Rather than taking the time to listen and “see,” the other person, some take the easy way out.

Judgement. Separation. Disconnect.

I feel only empathy and compassion for these souls. There is something within themselves that is so miserable that they will not allow themselves to acknowledge it, process it, and to release it, and so they channel that anger, hurt, and frustration outwards.

It’s a good way to deflect, but trust me, when they are in the silence of their own space…

They absolutely know right from wrong, and their truth.

And it is painful.

Choose empathy. Pray for them.

They are in pain.

And remind yourself that this all about them, and not about you.

Love and blessings,


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