A Shield of Armor – Love, Wendy

“Those of us who have had our hearts broken, guard ourselves with a shield of armor to ensure the safety of our hearts future. If anyone gets too close, we put forth the shield to protect ourselves from possible repeated heartbreak. Then at some point, when we feel ready, we lower it a bit to allow ourselves to feel again…we begin to heal…we practice embracing new love and compassion into our heart…slowly, when the Universe brings it forth. The Universe will bring us this gift only when we are ready…when we have learned the lessons to make ourselves strong, to keep ourselves healthy, when we have learned to set boundaries, and at the same time, to love with passion, and to trust that God has chosen the perfect soulmate to accompany us on our path.

As we grow to trust again, and continue to allow love to penetrate the shield, we no longer resist love, and we begin to feel more at peace with accepting the gift of love as we continue to heal…continue to trust…continue to believe that love is all that is missing from any situation.”



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