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“When one lives a “double life,” it has nothing to do with their loved ones. It truly is all about experiencing lack inside of themselves that they need to reconcile. They have not yet found the courage to do so. But, they know their truth.

I do not even believe it is about greed, or lack of love for their significant other and family.

There is a deficit within and they are searching high and low, left and right, up and down, in any relationship and/or situation for that missing piece of themselves. Wanting to be showered with outside validation due to their lack of self esteem and confidence of who they truly are.

When we are not loved and cared for properly as a child by the people who are tasked with our protection and care, we grow up believing that we are not worthy. We seek validation of ourselves from outside sources because we do not have the innate love of self.

I believe we all have the awareness of our truth. I believe that if one is willing to do the intense inner work to recognize the beautiful soul that they are, to unlearn the unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that have become lifelong habits, and to put in the work to actually discover who they are, they do eventually fall in love with themselves! And they begin to understand the effects of their old behaviors. A spiritual awakening.

Here is the space where they learn how to love and respect others.

I was in a long term relationship where I actually knew that this was going on right under my nose. As recently as 2021, I was still observing his pathological behaviors, although I had left that relationship 4 years ago.

I thought my love would save him.

We can only save ourselves when we have had enough of our own crap, and when we are fully ready.

I know because I saved myself when I had finally had enough of my own crap nine years ago.

I begin my 10th year of recovery on April 3, 2022. I love and respect the woman, mom, grandmother, friend, and colleague that I have transformed into from the shallow, lost, unhealthy, deceitful and scared “little girl” that I once was.

My spiritual journey has led me home.

Set small goals one step at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time. At the end of the week, reflect upon your successes, and what you would still like to improve upon. We are always learning and growing. Take your time. There is no rush. Immerse yourself in every beautiful lesson that you experience as you get to know your authentic self.

Ask for spiritual support and guidance.

When we ask for Spirit to guide us into a healthy, honest and fulfilling life, we learn how to release the trauma, reframe the trauma in order to move forward, and to create healthy lifestyle change, body, mind and spirit.

Listen to your awareness. It is the way to freedom.”

Love and blessings,


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