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A Call to Action for Empathy, Patience, and Grace: We are all on the same team – Love, Wendy

We are all experiencing challenges, loss, illness, and other situations that we may not be aware of in others lives.

I observed a man screaming at the deli counter employee the other day. Both men were so angry and using words that were so offensive and demeaning to the other. Neither “paused” to remind themselves that “not cutting the turkey thin enough” was not the real issue. I observed so much anger. The consumer went to the manager to complain.

As I listened to him tell his story, I wondered to myself what this man has experienced that has made him so angry. 

Here is where I pause. Here is where I empathize with another precious soul. Here is where I recognize that we are all one in this global experience of a pandemic, of loss, of disease. 

And I choose to take a spiritually aligned action. Empathy, patience, and grace.

We are always one. We all have the same experiences, emotions, and thoughts that connect us. It is the human condition. 

It is how we choose to respond rather than react that changes the trajectory of the outcome.

In another incident, I entered the market where I live, and a man came out of nowhere with an “angry, deliberate, and aggressive walk.” I stopped as I noticed him barreling towards me. He stopped. He gave me a chilling look and shouted, “Well, go ahead!!!” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” He answered, “You’re welcome.” In truth, for a few minutes my heart was racing and my own anxiety was escalating because I too felt angry that a stranger would have such an inflammatory attitude with me.

But, I paused. And chose a spiritually aligned mindset and action…It changed my own attitude. And I believe that of this man who clearly was experiencing something that put him into a “fight or flight” frame of mind. And I reminded myself that whatever he was experiencing had absolutely NOTHING to do with me.


We are all living with frustration, anger, sadness, and anxiety. And maybe even worse.

I believe that we are all doing the best that we can.

I have seen first hand how one’s whole attitude and outlook changes when we offer grace, empathy and patience.

And, let us be an example for our youth.

When we are the person of influence in a room, or in someone’s space, or life, they will sync their emotions to ours.


And in the most challenging of circumstances.

What a beautiful gift we can offer to others in a space of empathy, patience and grace.

Love and blessings,


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