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When we are living with a brain disorder such as mental illness or substance use Disorder, our thoughts tell us to engage in behaviors that may be harmful to us, and may be extremely hurtful and frightening to our loved ones.

However, when we have worked in recovery for years to secure our wellness, as well as healing our trauma, and in addition to feeling deep remorse, and making amends to all those that we have hurt, albeit unintentionally, we must leave the past in the past. This is where healing takes place.

If there is a child, family member or friend who still harbors resentment and does not understand this brain disorder, we have the choice to walk away from that relationship. If one makes our disorder about themselves, we can either choose to allow continued emotional abuse, or to exit the relationship. If this person continuously reminds us of how our disorder affected them, always making it about them, and finds passive/aggressive ways to “give us the middle finger“ because they lack the empathy and verbal skills to communicate, we can choose to disengage.

I don’t care who it is or how much love I feel.

I have the right to feel loved, safe, and experience peace in every moment of my life.

And I will not allow anyone else’s behavior to infuse mine.

I am in my ninth year of recovery, proud of my healing, and thriving.

I practice acceptance of this situation.

Acceptance promotes freedom and peace.

I am free. I am peaceful. I stand in my power.”

Love and blessings,


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