BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


There is a definite ripple effect onto our children when we are living with a mental health disorder as they grow up and evolve into their own adulthood.

And, when we have the presence of mind to understand our disorder, and to ask for help to heal, we may be able to lead by example for our precious adult children.

It is a possibility. It is never too late to create change.

It takes a realization of how a generational disease continues to filter down to generation after generation until one, like myself, breaks the chain of inherent disease. Once I discovered, middle aged, that our DNA does not have to define us for the rest of our lives, I changed the trajectory of my own mental health. With persistence and patience with my adult children, I lead by a healthy example through spiritual solutions and self care.

I do not remain disheartened in my past. There is no way to change what has happened.

The only change that I may create, is one in the present moment.”

Love and blessings,


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