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Aric H. Morrison speaks with Wendy Blanchard M.S., INHC, NYCPS from Harmonious Health 4 Life, and the author of a new book titled Write, Pray, Recover.  She is a survivor of domestic, emotional, psychological, and sexual trauma from a very young age. On this compelling episode, Wendy takes the listeners on a very emotional journey weaving her dysfunctional childhood through mental health awareness, substance abuse disorder, attempted suicide, and many of the key life learnings in-between. Listen-on as her story truly has been used to re-shape and re-define this most remarkable women speaking on the podcast today.
Listen also, as she takes you on a ride from hopelessness to courage, from near death to summoning a will to survive and live another day for her children and grandchildren.  If there has been one guest on this podcast who truly embraces the wonder of each day from new a new positive approach to  her life gift; it is Wendy Blanchard. What an inspiration.

Adversities presented: Domestic Abuse, Rape, Substance Abuse Disorder, Suicide

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  1. What an amazing presentation. Your descriptions of all the trauma you have been through make me appreciate you even more as a friend and co-worker. You always inspire me by how you have overcome so many challenges and you have become a source of strength and hope for so many people. Congratulations on your first book!!!

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