BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When we are able to release ourselves from an unhealthy relationship, it is time for reflection and introspection.

We must ask ourselves what void within us was being filled in that relationship, albeit in an unhealthy manner. Do I believe that I deserve love that is healthy and monogamous? Do I believe that I am worthy of this type of love? What kept me going back again and again to a toxic environment?

What is your truth? Say it aloud. Start here.

When we understand the catalyst of our underlying thought process of accepting abusive, neglectful behaviors where we disown and dishonor our own needs and desires, and where we allow another to disrespect and degrade our beautiful spirit, we will be ready to create change. Otherwise, we will continue in this unhealthy cycle of entering into subsequent relationships of the same unhealthy, toxic nature.

Same “relationship,” different person.”

Love and blessings,


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