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I choose those I allow into my close circle with deliberate intention.

Those who exude, first and foremost, integrity and authenticity, those who honor themselves, those who honor their word, those who live with God/Spirit at the center of their lives, those who serve others as we lovingly serve God/Spirit together, and those who choose love…to offer love, and to receive love unconditionally, those who practice forgiveness and empathy, and those with a great sense of humor, are always embraced into my heart. These are my practices, of course.

I broke up with Mark four years ago, a man who encompasses all of these beautiful traits when my ex, S at that time, came back into my life but lasted only a few months…And…my intuition/Spirit WARNED me right out of the gate, yet I moved forward with S ignoring Spirit’s guidance. I was to learn an extremely painful lesson as I ignored Spirit’s plea.

Lesson learned over and over. Follow and listen to Spiritual Guidance. God/Spirit knows things we do not.

Spirit will continue to place the same obstacles in front of us until we master the assignment.

I have passed with flying colors. A+.

Love and respect of self first, and “continuing education,” lifelong, a devotion to God/Spirit, sharing our “wealth of spiritual solutions and wellness practices,” and humility, and a willingness to love, are the ingredients for any type of thriving relationship.

Today, Mark is a loving friend and aligns so perfectly with all that I value. A man with inner beauty, and a loving, selfless soul who supports others who need physical, emotional and spiritual care. Mark offers others a safe space, and provides opportunities to achieve wellness. He says I’m too kind, but the truth is that Mark is so humble. A gorgeous, selfless soul.

We are excited about our upcoming in person meeting for the first time in four years. Mark asked, and I said yes! His empathy and forgiveness of my decision four years ago is typical of his spiritual mindset. No judgment, only love, respect and compassion. So heartwarming and refreshing.

Forever friends brought together by our loving Universe.

The Universe always puts upon our path those who are in alignment with our desires, needs, and those who we will successfully partner with to serve others. The RIPPLE EFFECT.

When we are awake, we can understand the spiritual lessons placed before us, and moving forward, we recognize any similar unhealthy circumstances, and choose differently as aligned with our desired outcomes, and our Highest blessings. This is where the ripple effect begins.

Friendship…pass it on.

Love, Wendy

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