BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


When you find yourself being challenged by one with a closed mind and unwilling to consider other perspectives, simply disengage. If one is always headed down a one way street of indignant righteousness, we have the choice to say, “I hear you, and this is what I heard you say. I do not agree, so WE will have to agree to disagree.” Here we validate whatever one is feeling as well as respecting our own feelings and choices.

If one is not willing to validate other perspectives and other’s feelings, take a moment to pause, and ask yourself if it is worth your energy to continue spinning around on the hamster wheel.

I chose a long time ago to get off of the ride to walk on solid ground where there are many roads to choose from with two way communication, compromise and synergy, where I hold integrity for my own values as well.”

Love, Wendy

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