BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When we have said words that have pierced another’s heart, purposefully, in a heated moment, we can make amends with one action that I can think of…

Humble yourself…

Demonstrate remorse…

Ask for forgiveness…

Reveal the love in your soul…

One with a pure heart that is immersed in love, will be accepting and forgiving of the imperfections of one’s poor choice of words, and accompanying behavior.

We are all in good company when we do not pause. We all feel triggered at times where we allow ourselves to “react” versus “respond.” It comes from a place of hurt, of anger, and of frustration, and of deep love. Otherwise, we would not feel that “knee jerk” reaction overtaking our emotional intelligence. We may feel that we have lost control of a situation, and that in and of itself can be triggering.

The remedy is acknowledging it, owning it, and using it as a tool the next time we feel triggered. We must pause, observe our own feelings and emotions, and ask ourselves if what we are about to say, or do, is in the best interest of both parties, and is this a reflection of our authentic, highest self.

Take a breath, and pause. 

When in doubt, DON’T.”



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