BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“A lesson that comes to us as a Divine realization is a priceless life lesson.

One who is a “serial dater,” and remains there even when they are in a relationship with no remorse is one profound lesson that I have learned over the past few years from a former relationship that has encouraged me to be ever vigilant. It encouraged me to go within to do the inner work to understand why I was disrespecting, dishonoring, and disowning my own beliefs, needs and desires…To understand why I would allow another soul to say “yes,” or “no,” or to infuse continuous withholding of love and affection, purposefully, in order to selfishly “have the cake and eat it too.”

Now an evolved, thriving, self assured, self reliant, self fulfilled woman, I know what I bring into a relationship, and what I am looking for in a life partner.

…a man of integrity, a man of his word, a man who is eager to love, and to be loved, a man with an incredible sense of humor, and a man that lives with God in his heart…an evolved man. A grown man of a seasoned nature. A grown man with a nurturing spirit. A grown man who lives by the Divine love of Spirit.

A grown man with a soul.”



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