BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“I used to think that being in recovery was going to be a detriment to my finding the right life partner. I used to feel anxiety that my past disorder would limit me as to who would accept me…all of me… I used to believe that it was going to work against me when it came time to disclose that I am in recovery from substance use disorder.

I have since learned that is actually an asset to any relationship that I engage in as I am thriving in wellness and others are eager to learn how I have arrived here! I have met many potential life partners recently who are so supportive of my journey, and “proud” to be connected! I am completely blown away by the positivity and eagerness of others to align with me, and with my lifestyle!

The ones that choose not to remain in my circle, are not meant to be there, and quite possibly are experiencing their own fear, their own challenges and possibly their own disorders that may be triggered by my story which has absolutely nothing to do with my journey, but with something unhealed inside of themselves. I never take anyone else’s decision to engage, or not to engage personally. I focus on my side of the street and I welcome anyone onto my path who is like-minded, open minded and ready for a meaningful and fun adventure!

I am incredibly proud and humbled by all that I have accomplished in my wellness approach to recovery now in my 9th year, and so deeply grateful to be able to serve others in this capacity. I do feel very blessed.

My story is not a limitation to the right relationship. It is a blessing and an asset. I proudly, and with humility stand in my power, and everyone wants to be “powerful!”

God is so amazing. He has provided me with all that I need and desire, and calls upon me to serve Him.

Every morning in meditation and prayer I ask Him to “please show me where to go, who to see you, what to say and to whom today, to help another person.“ He always delivers.

I am living the life I have prayed for filled with wellness, love, peace, prosperity and the gift of the opportunity to serve others through Divine guidance.”

Love and blessings,


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