BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


When he claims to “love” deeply, and then in a triggered moment leaves without communication for months, and subsequently spews venom of one’s past where disease consumed her brain, her body and her spirit, “love” takes on the definition of ANGER.

Anger comes to the surface and explodes like a volcano when sadness is suppressed, yet overflowing, and longing for connection to one’s beloved is no longer certain.

It takes great maturity and insight of one’s own patterns to intentionally create new patterns that serve one’s healthiest life, and to provide wellness for himself and for that of his beloved, including admitting to one’s self that there has been deep sadness, disappointment and loss that have been at the crux of one’s ongoing patterns for decades.

Real love of oneself and of his beloved are not easily angered, and when one is self aware and has the skills to self regulate in building loving relationships, love is everlasting.

Love, Wendy

Love is Patient Postcard

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