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When others “advice“ is to “let it go,” or “let him/her go,” they are suggesting that we turn off, or suppress our feelings and emotions. That in the blink of an eye, we should move on, smile, be happy, “get over it.” This is unhealthy and unnatural. We must always acknowledge and validate our feelings and emotions. We must allow ourselves the time and space for our emotions to sit with us, to feel it all, to connect within, and when we are ready, to make a decision.

Releasing one from our heart and our soul is a painful process. And, many times, in time, we are blessed when we are able to find a solution in working out relationships. “As long as I have life, there is always hope.”

I prefer to let it play out organically. I prefer a friend to offer support when I am in transition or in pain over the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or a situation. I prefer to allow the Universe to guide me as to what is the best choice for me and that which will enhance my life. I trust Spirit’s loving guidance.

I used to think that “let it go,” was healthy advice. In my opinion, it’s another way of telling someone else to “forget what you’re feeling, don’t pay attention to your heart…your soul.” “This too shall pass??!!” No.

I have come to realize that we never can truly “let it go.” I feel that this has become a “buzz phrase” to say to someone else when we are uncomfortable in the presence of one who is mourning the loss of a relationship, a loved one through death, or a meaningful situation. One who becomes uncomfortable at our vulnerability has most likely “let it go” themselves sometime in their past, and our vulnerability is a trigger for their own suppressed feelings.

Rather than say, “let it go,“ why not offer a safe space where one in pain or in transition can share their feelings without judgement. Not to fix or solve, not to give false hope, but to listen with empathy. And to give reassurance that no matter what our decision is, we will always be loved, respected, and supported by those dearest to us, unconditionally.”

Love, Wendy

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