BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


What else can you expect from a bully who is a pathological liar, with a severely unwell mind other than cowardice encouraging of others to be bullies, and then as in true cowardly form…once he has his posse of the exact same unwell minds to mimic his words and reckless actions, to stand in the background, egging on the crowd all while laughing as he watches from the sidelines…

A leader empowers others, and teaches them where they may be able to thrive… a leader radiates loving kindness wherever possible to reassure others in unprecedented, volatile times…he doesn’t use them for personal and professional gain. This poor excuse for a “leader” has no loyalty, empathy or love for another living soul.

It is an unwell, weak mind who cannot think for themselves, and who may have lacked nurturing attention throughout their lives, that attaches to one making the most noise for the attention they themselves crave. “See me! Hear me! I’m not invisible!”

However, one so empty can never be “full filled.” It is a dry well…a bottomless pit…

And now the beautiful irony…

We get to point our finger and say, “You’re fired!”

Love, Wendy

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