BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“In the midst of chaos, I am faced with escalating adversity, and on days like yesterday, I feel that all of my strength and resolve are tapped out…

Therefore…I tap inwards…

I retreat… I go within where I connect to Spirit where I seek loving support and guidance.

I cry and allow myself to feel my emotions. I still grieve my losses of 2020. I ask for strength to meet myself where I am, and to know that it is the absolute perfect place for me to stand. I offer myself permission to feel.

I practice extra loving self care. I eat a healthy home cooked meal. I stay hydrated. I pray and I meditate. I take a brisk walk. I connect to nature and to my music. I connect to my two dearest friends for support, and they remind me that I am loved. I use my tools. I hear Spirit offer me the guidance that I seek. “Rest, realign, rest even more. You are never alone. You are supported, and you are well.”

I remain still, and I listen. I am calm in the presence of Spirit.

These are the components of my daily self care practices that are now my lifestyle. I practice, and I heal. I move forward.

Feeling promotes healing.

I remind myself that I have a very impressionable audience that I choose to be an example for. My children, my grandchildren, my loving friends, my colleagues, my clients, and my students.

Wellness is where I stand in my power for myself, and to create a ripple effect.

My purpose…my inspiration…my honor.”

Love and blessings,


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