BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Offering mental health and wellness support/care takes more than “one and done.”

When we see someone living with a mental health challenge who could use a smile, a kind word, or our time, as long as we are practicing our own self-care first, and setting boundaries for self preservation in place, we must offer more than just a one time check in. There are so many, especially in today’s climate, who are alone and isolated and need to be reminded of their worth.

This type of loving support can make all the difference in someone’s wellness. They are assured that they are cared about, thought about, and that they are significant.


If you are meeting with a counselor/coach who closes their eyes for an extended period of time while you’re speaking, or one who is texting, or answers a call during your session, please do not accept this behavior. I urge you to advocate for yourself, let them know that this is unprofessional, that it makes you feel insignificant and unheard, and it is your right to fire them.

The person that we choose to share our journey with is a personal choice, and one that speaks to what we feel we deserve.

No matter who it is, we teach people what we will accept, and how to treat us.

Love and blessings,


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