BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“We need to forgive those who did not provide the unconditional love that we deserved as a child. They gave what they had to give, what they themselves received.

Now, it is our choice to break this unhealthy cycle of neglect and abuse. We provide ourselves with unconditional self compassion and love, through forgiveness, through self care, and healing.

We break the cycle and offer all that we were lacking to ourselves and to our loved ones.

Forgiveness and compassion is the antidote to anger and frustration which may show up as anxiety and depression. Dig deep at your own pace for that innate power of courage. Allow Spirit to guide your steps. Here is where we promote wellness through spiritual solutions and self care.

Courage takes awareness, willingness, action and practice, connection to the Universe, whatever that looks like for you, and an open mind and heart.“

Love, Wendy

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