“Everyone has their own opinion on any given circumstance. As it should be. When there is a difference of these opinions, we act graciously in expressing ourselves in a compassionate, calm, and empathetic voice being mindful of our tone with others. We need to be careful of the way we conduct ourselves and remember that we are all equals…one.

As we all deserve to be heard, we need to offer an opportunity to others to express their views and reasons, and expect the very same in return. Honor each other and meet each other where we are.
And, although we may not have a meeting of the minds…it is always a choice to “agree to disagree.”

Always take a breath, do not react, ask yourself what is it that is the real underlying trigger, perhaps even a past, unhealed wound…observe your own feelings and emotions, take a break, and then…respond respectfully. Use this as an opportunity to build character and evolve.
Be willing to see the other person as you. Remember…We are all in this together.”

Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC, CPS


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