The more I see, the more I see – Love, Wendy

I have observed a clear and persistent obstinence, defiance, and borderline delusion from one I loved. I think about the brilliant mind of this man and wonder what would encourage one that I held in the highest regard and loved so deeply to align themselves with pure evil, and then to emualate that evil and delusion.

I used to pray for this man that God would forgive his deceit and hurtful words and behaviors. I used to pray that he would awaken. I used to ask God to strengthen his resolve and guide him to align himself with love, and to embrace the God he claims to be a child of, and of whom he follows.

I cannot believe my eyes.

Yet, the more I see, the more I see. And, the more I learn about this man, the more I learn.

I understand why God would never bless a relationship with one so defiant, misguided and unwell.

“God helps those who ask for help, and who help themselves.”

God never approves of evil.



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