“Holding the space” – Love, Wendy

Giving someone space is an act of love and compassion. It displays trust and value of another. “Holding the space” for another allows them to “be” where they are, heal in whatever way and pace that is comfortable for them, and it reminds them that you are on the sidelines watching, cheering, and holding the space for them to arrive at their own destination in their own time.

“Holding the space” for oneself is just as important. To “know” that we have the support and the tools to love ourselves and to heal in the way(s) that resonate with us individually. Each day remind yourself that you are ALWAYS doing your best in every moment with the tools and knowledge that you have at this time.

Remind yourself that you are spiritually supported and guided. Remind yourself that you can always seek additional guidance and support from a trusted loved one, or even a professional. Remind yourself that your healing is connected to your experiences, and that you have the option to try additional means of healing to expand and enhance your experiences.

“Holding the space” for oneself or another is an act of unconditional love. And in the meantime, for ourselves, we live in the space of acceptance that we can only control our own space and self. In this space and action is our greatest self care.

Hold the space in a mindset of acceptance, being present, kindness and encouragement, and if needed, silence. We all heal differently. Remind yourself that there is NO time limit on healing.

“Hold a space for love and healing.”

And always be prepared to dance again in that space.

Love, Wendy

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