We live what we learn. UNLEARN it when it depletes your wellness – Love, Wendy

I experienced trauma as a young child at the hands of the adults who were supposed to love me. Trauma made me do things, and behave in ways that were just as toxic as the behavior that I was exposed to as a child and young adult.

We live what we learn.

UNLEARN it when it depletes your wellness.

When I was near death ten years ago from a near fatal overdose of prescription drugs which I used to numb out all of the trauma, it was the thought of my children that prompted me to ask for help to save my life. I wanted to live, but first I needed to clean up my addiction, work with a therapist, unlearn unhealthy behaviors, and learn a healthy, sustainable way to live that resonated with my soul. An “integrative approach” was what I connected to and through which I thrive today.

I have worked through much of the trauma, and have ten fluid years of successful recovery in wellness.

I have written a book, become a mental health educator/consultant, earned a certification in Spiritual Wellness, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and I am a board certified Peer Specialist for the state of NY.

Although I endured so much abuse, neglect and trauma, in one moment of clarity, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and ceased being the victim.

I asked for help, I did the intense inner work, and I realize that this will be a lifelong journey, but man, I have come a long way in the past ten years.

Those that just continue to wallow in their trauma in order to play the victim, and make excuses not to go to work, not to DO the work, not to practice compassion and forgiveness, and who look for attention in a most unhealthy way are destined to live an unhealthy life with toxic people in their circle.

It is a choice. I am not responsible for the abuse and trauma that caused me to use drugs, but I am responsible to heal myself, body, mind and spirit.

When we mature, we realize that our parents had their own mental health/substance use issues, and they did the best with what they knew, albeit they did not have tools at all to provide a nurturing home, love and security. And, through my own healing work, I have learned empathy for my parents, and have forgiven them.

I am blessed.

I have surrounded myself with the best teachers in healing and wellness, spiritual mentors, and have made it a full time job to learn all that would enable me to become the woman I am today.

The more I learn, the more I learn, and I now teach others how to promote their own wellness, and come from a place of spiritually aligned behaviors.

I stand in my power. I will never again allow myself to engage in a toxic relationship where I give away my power.

A difficult journey, but I am living in wellness…one moment at a time.

Forgiveness negates the need for lifelong vengeance. It is for the ones who were the victims. Of course, forgiveness is a choice, and is a situational decision.

With respect for all those who endured abuse and neglect, I speak from experience.

My load is so much lighter. I wish that for you.



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