I hear Him say, “Look Up Child” – Love, Wendy

My strength is weakened by my lack of faith after a culmination of unsettling circumstances permeated my foundation. I feel wounded. I feel scared. I crash like the unsupported Jenga blocks that were stacked diligently on my table.

I detach from hope.

He is tapping me on the shoulder to let me know that all I need to do is to be still, and to listen. He reassures me that He is making a way even though I cannot see the unfolding miracle. He reminds me to “Look up, Child” as I write about in Chapter 1 of my book Write Pray Recover.

I remind myself of His faithfulness. I remind myself that He pulled me from the grave 10 years ago, and suddenly, I rise up. I shake it off. I remember that He has always pulled me through with hundreds of tiny miracles along the way.

I grab onto His promises that He has a plan, and that I am always loved in the heart of God. I am always protected by the hand of God.

I begin to rebuild the fallen blocks, one at a time, and with each purposeful placement of another, I begin to see the whole picture.

I am safe.

I hear Him say, “Look Up Child.”

Love, Wendy

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