“In a matter of one minute everything can change. And it does.

Your life can take a turn you did not expect. It may feel incredibly foreign. Unfamiliar. New information that is old is delivered.


You are forced to see new perspectives, and to practice acceptance of information that is unconscionable, yet undeniable.

And, you carry the disturbing burden of this new information, and a new perspective into the present day in order to remind yourself that nothing and no one is ever really one hundred percent of what, or whom they present to others. And there are some who are complete imposters, one hundred percent.


Just Breathe…

Lesson taught over and over again finally sinks in, and is learned. When the truth reveals itself the first time, accept it. Put down the rose colored glasses, stop listening to fairy tales, kick the garbage to the curb, and move on.

Take care of yourself. Depend only upon yourself. Love and nurture yourself. Forgive yourself for loving and trusting the wrong person.

And keep moving forward…


Love, Wendy

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