God knows everything – Love, Wendy

When we are sincere about willingly offering support to one who may be in need whether it is being in need of food, friendship, or finances, we need only keep it to ourselves. God knows everything. He is the only One we need to allow into this transaction. After all, He has led us to one in need.

If we take this private information and begin to share with others, “secretly,” and/or make it public, we must ask ourselves what is our deeper reason for being of service? Are we looking for our own validation? Approval? To be made out to be a hero? Our own need for attention? And, we must never have any expectations of being offered anything in return, other than gratitude.

Remember this, when a person is in need, and we recognize their lack and simply offer, without that precious being asking for any support whatsoever, we must thank the Universe for guiding us to one who is in need in order to carry out God’s work through service.

We cannot take this credit.

This is a Divine calling, or debt that we are paying forward.

Love and blessings,


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