“The spiritual warrior in me wants to say, “I see you. I see that you are in pain. How can I help?”

And then there is the woman who has been that spiritual warrior for years without being given an ounce of gratitude or reciprocity. The woman who embraces one with an unstable and very predictable storyline of lies and deceit hoping that God will wrap him in enlightenment. The enlightenment this man swears he has been awakened to. But he runs from God.

The woman who has allowed blurred boundaries over and over all in the name of love. The warrior who has practiced acceptance, great compassion and empathy, and non judgement, even in the years of narcisstic abuse. What I used to tell him I saw as a “mind f—.” And yes, I allowed it.

This warrior now says, “I see you. I see that you are in pain. I am unable to help.”

I no longer allow one who is living with a narcisstic personality disorder to penetrate my wellness.

When this man lost his niece recently, I sent a loving letter of condolences for him and his family.

My daughter just lost the love of her life this week, and this man has not sent one word of condolences for her…someone he claimed to love.

My story has changed. The storyline has changed. My book has changed.

Stay tuned.

And set healthy and firm boundaries because a snake can slither its way in from many different angles.

Watch what is under your feet. Protect your energy.



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