“I prefer that the truth come directly from the one managing it so methodically for their own gain and agenda.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I already know the truth. I am completely aware of the “truth.” I have lived with the truth for years. I observe with a heightened awareness second to none.

We only grow and evolve when we take responsibility for our words and behaviors, and when we are willing to make the necessary changes to evolve within. When we humble ourselves. And it builds character. It builds integrity. It speaks about the man before the man enters. It shows that one’s conscience is alive and has extinguished the ego.

This type of evolving soul steps forward when they become so sick and tired of hearing their own “truth.” When they no longer choose for their life to be defined by the lie that which it has become. That which has disappointed me hundreds of times.

I am the observer.

Oh, and sometimes, the Universe speaks.

Are you listening?”

Love, Wendy

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