Happy Halloween:Behind the Mask – Love, Wendy

Little by little the truth leaks out until one day, years later, one is standing in an ocean of lies. Drowning. Like a cancer that has been silently growing for years that has now saturated ones spirit.

My heart has always been pure and has always been willing to accept that people make mistakes, myself included. Forgiveness allows us to be free of the past and begin again. When we love someone, we want to believe their words are heartfelt rather than ego driven, selfish, and with an agenda that serves only their needs.

When we allow another to speak their “truth,” over and over throughout the years, and our pure heart chooses to forgive, yet their behavior has run off in another direction with a third party, once again, their “truth” is left to speak for itself. Dead silence. This is where truth exists.

And, when we invite into our lives, year after year, “truth” that is a disguise for a deceptive mind and heart, where the tongue has a “knee jerk” reaction to the intentional words spoken, it is also an invitation for insanity…expecting different results without any mindful change. “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” The makings of a great Halloween costume, yet worn all year round.

Be cognizant of the fact that there is a definite correlation between truthfulness and ones integrity. One cannot exist without the other.

Truth exists in silence. Lies are found swirling in a cacophony of boisterous, grandiose, empty words and actions. “The silence is deafening”, as my mother used to say.

Beware of what exists behind the mask.

The truth is always revealed.

Happy Halloween.”

Love and blessings,


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