During this unsettling time of the Corona Virus where our lives have taken on a new normal, I’ve observed so much love from so many loved ones, friends, colleagues and even one I was estranged from checking in to ask if I’m ok and if I need anything. I do live with an autoimmune disease and my age puts me at high risk.

I am celebrating 7 years of recovery next month from Substance Use Disorder and mental illness.  My life is so full and I am deeply grateful for the love and support. My spiritual practice provides all of my strength, daily.

Ive also learned that those who are so consumed with only themselves, their own health, their own corner of the universe can never give all the love that comes naturally to me, and those I choose to surround myself with. Spirit has provided me with a deep and profound lesson during this crisis as to why a former love relationship did not work out. The saying “you find out who your friends are during hard times” hit me between the eyes.

I have been living with a child who was recently hospitalized for a serious illness, and is still unwell, and a dying parent, and I continue to reach out to loved ones, friends, and neighbors regardless, to offer my support. It’s not all about me…it’s about WE. It’s about taking what we have and giving it away  “God feeds us so that we can feed others.”

THIS is the kind of partner I am looking for…one who practices self care, as well as offering love, compassion and time to myself, family and those around us. Selflessness.

It only takes one minute or less to offer a smile, or a text that says, “I’m thinking of you. I’m here.”

I love the woman I have transformed into during my recovery.

I thank God every day for loving me and guiding me to this place of personal awareness and spiritual strength and solutions.

Please take good care of yourselves, and each other. Reach out to others to offer loving support. Be well.


Love and blessings,



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