“Seven years of recovery from Substance Use Disorder has been my greatest teacher, and has provided my greatest challenges.

I have learned that I am never alone on my journey, and I am humbled. I am never in an ego mindset and ask for support whenever I feel the need for another perspective or the need to talk things through…and, here is where I am reminded to listen in a quiet space for the Universe to lovingly guide me. Following my inner guidance and trusting my spiritual connection is the catalyst for my greatest change.

When people, places and things have been removed from my life, I am certain that this is in my highest benefit so that I may remain on an evolving path and thrive in wellness body, mind and spirit. I may feel sad that what I once held dear has been replaced, but I have observed the blessings in its place.

Seven years of recovery has been my greatest teacher led by Spirit.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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