I always want to do the right thing. I search my soul and ask the Divine to show me the best solution for myself, and for others. I struggle sometimes when I realize that the answer is not one that I am comfortable with, but I respect the Universe’s guidance, and beyond any doubt, I know that the Universe gives me a solution that is based on Divine love…self love, self care, self preservation before I may serve others.

A major part of self care and self preservation is respecting your own limitations, and placing those considerations before you help someone else.

If you venture out into a space where beforehand you know that the actions you are about to take will compromise your own health…you are not practicing the true meaning of love, or of giving selflessly, as you participate in taking away all that is crucial to your own well being.

Consider the analogy of the oxygen mask when flying on an airplane. We place the mask on ourselves first, so that we may offer help to others once we are breathing. If you place the mask on your loved one first, you are not standing in your power…you have given away all of your power, and at what cost? How does this serve you, or anyone else?

The next time you are prepared to place someone else’s needs before your own, and most especially where another may expect it of you with a sense of entitlement, ask yourself these questions, “What is my purpose in choosing this behavior? Is it guilt induced? Is it to be given praise for my efforts so that I will be noticed for 15 minutes of fame? To be liked by others? To feel better about myself? To receive attention?”

Ask yourself how this is Divinely beneficial to your soul? Do not deal with your emotional reaction…deal directly with the situation in real time and seek Divine guidance. Relax and release it to the Universe, and listen for direction.

I always want to do the right thing…first…for myself through the Divine, and then I may offer myself, in health, body, mind and spirit…to others.”

Sat Nam,


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