I have heard it said that money cannot buy you happiness.

I beg to differ.

Having the ability to buy food, to pay for shelter, medical expenses, are all necessities, and definitely creates happiness when one is able to provide for oneself. And, having the ability to go out for some joy time is also a necessity in balancing ones mental health.

Losing the ability to pay for things, which in my opinion is the purpose of living…work, pay the bills, and back to work again, strips one of any happy moments. We get caught up in the moment to moment worry of living paycheck to paycheck.

Money does buy happiness and good mental health.

I observe my circle of friends enjoying their “happiness” in the form of new homes, vacations, and fancy dinners and entertainment on the weekends. And yet, so many in today’s world cannot afford to even take a sick day when they are sick because losing a day’s pay that they depend upon in order to pay those bills to experience that “happiness” is denied them.

Happiness does have a price tag.

Look around you in your community. I thought that going out into mine and offering an inspirational talk would be uplifting for many who are experiencing financial deficits. Then when I experienced this same situation, I realized that my whole life and mental health are dependent on figuring out a real solution as opposed to someone else’s rock bottom to success story whose circumstances and resources are completely different from mine. And please, don’t tell a person struggling with financial deficits and their mental health due to these financial struggles that “God has a plan.”

I am not interested in other’s “rose from the ashes” stories while I am despondent in my financial status.

I am only interested in finding happiness. That is a job that can pay my bills and maybe give me a little extra to buy Christmas gifts for my loved ones, and maybe enjoy a night out for dinner.

Keeping this very real…

as always.

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I hear Him say, “Look Up Child” – Love, Wendy

My strength is weakened by my lack of faith after a culmination of unsettling circumstances permeated my foundation. I feel wounded. I feel scared. I crash like the unsupported Jenga blocks that were stacked diligently on my table.

I detach from hope.

He is tapping me on the shoulder to let me know that all I need to do is to be still, and to listen. He reassures me that He is making a way even though I cannot see the unfolding miracle. He reminds me to “Look up, Child” as I write about in Chapter 1 of my book Write Pray Recover.

I remind myself of His faithfulness. I remind myself that He pulled me from the grave 10 years ago, and suddenly, I rise up. I shake it off. I remember that He has always pulled me through with hundreds of tiny miracles along the way.

I grab onto His promises that He has a plan, and that I am always loved in the heart of God. I am always protected by the hand of God.

I begin to rebuild the fallen blocks, one at a time, and with each purposeful placement of another, I begin to see the whole picture.

I am safe.

I hear Him say, “Look Up Child.”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life

A Spiritual Redirection – Love, Wendy

I believe that God guides us in order to serve others who He observes in need of loving support and guidance.

And, when there is resistance to our Divinely led support from others for an extended period of time, God re-directs our service to those who are willing to embrace change, and those who are willing to work towards becoming a spiritual student, and teacher.

Recently, my re-direction has taken me on a new path of serving, one that I did not think I would return to, but as a spiritual student, and teacher, I want to deepen my Divine connection and to continue to learn, and to evolve, so I surrender to the Universe/God/Spirit.

I am always grateful for “continuing education” in order to grow, and to lead others on their own spiritual journey.

Love and blessings,