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Restorative practices are a creative way to safely communicate without judgement, to build a community, to understand the “why” of our own actions, and to empathize with all those with whom we engage.

Here is the safe space where we create a loving forum where we have the opportunity to express our own voice, and where we have the opportunity to form a partnership of 2, or 200.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“My rock”

It always amazes me how Spirit/our Angels, finds a way to communicate about our estranged loved ones that we may be missing, or to bring a message from a departed loved one. The communication, I believe, is from Spirit validating eternal love and life.

On my birthday, three days ago, a cardinal flew up to my front window and just sat in the tree. I believe this gorgeous bird was bringing me a “Happy Birthday” message from my mom who passed away just one year ago. I had been crying all morning missing her, and this gorgeous red bird appeared, a cardinal. “The red cardinal is a spiritual messenger from God.” It represents a departed loved ones “attempting contact.” Afterwards, I posted the pic on my Instagram and my friend Brett wrote, “Wendy!! Remember the reading I gave you??!! I told you that I saw cardinals and blue jays??!!” I had forgotten about that. She was spot on. As I am typing this, the song, “Heaven” (En Espanol) by Los Lonely Boys began playing. Spiritual communication and validation.

At the very beginning of my recovery from Substance Use Disorder, now in my ninth year, I had a great deal of anxiety. My love at that time, Steve, gave me this rock to keep in my purse so that I could hold it in my hand whenever I felt anxious, and of course, it reminded me of my connection to Steve. I had been told early in my recovery that if I were to hold something tangible in my hand when I felt anxious, it would focus my attention on the item rather than my anxiety. I would hold this rock in my hand, and move it around constantly to mitigate my anxiety. I had it with me at all times, and it worked along with deep breathing, and visualization.

This morning, I was cleaning out an old purse, and there was my rock. I had not seen this rock in over a year. This rock also has great sentimental value to me. Although I am no longer in touch with the man who gifted this to me, he is always in my heart. I believe Spirit “showed” this to me today as a way of reminding me that we are always connected energetically.

Directing our brain to focus purposefully allows us to be in charge of our thoughts, and our behaviors, and of our wellness.

If we are open to Spiritual communication, we will be blessed to see and hear things beyond our physical limitations. And…

We are always connected.

Sat Nam.


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Get still enough to sit alone with just you. Embrace your internal condition and slowly begin there. Be okay with the silence. Here is where we hear our truth very clearly.

Experience the “uncomfortability.” This is the space where we find deeper meaning and growth.

Listen. Connect.

Allow your spiritual energy to connect to the Universe in whatever form resonates with you.

Feel it. Allow it. Validate it. Take a break.

Stand up. Wash your face. Take a walk.


Tomorrow continue your inner work. Baby steps.

Evolving is an ongoing process. Take your time.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“Utilize your experiences, both positive and challenging to start over. Here is where we can mindfully re-route our journey to travel new paths, and the roads which are less traveled…

This is where we continue to achieve wellness and enlightenment, and spiritual solutions that guide us to a new destination of the deepest, highest blessing.

The people whom we are guided towards and those who appear on our path, are Divinely placed, strategically and methodically, by our loving Universe.”

Love, Wendy