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“When we are able to release ourselves from an unhealthy relationship, it is time for reflection and introspection.

We must ask ourselves what void within us was being filled in that relationship, albeit in an unhealthy manner. Do I believe that I deserve love that is healthy and monogamous? Do I believe that I am worthy of this type of love? What kept me going back again and again to a toxic environment?

What is your truth? Say it aloud. Start here.

When we understand the catalyst of our underlying thought process of accepting abusive, neglectful behaviors where we disown and dishonor our own needs and desires, and where we allow another to disrespect and degrade our beautiful spirit, we will be ready to create change. Otherwise, we will continue in this unhealthy cycle of entering into subsequent relationships of the same unhealthy, toxic nature.

Same “relationship,” different person.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life



My recovery, as I’ve mentioned, is grounded in my spiritual practices of daily prayer and medita- tion. I began this practice while in active substance use disorder, and it was the one small, yet profound, daily practice that helped to keep me connected to Spirit. When I would begin to feel the urge to take a handful of pills, or to engage in self-harming behavior, I would pray for loving guidance and strength. Even if I was only able to take fewer pills after my prayer time, or wait an extra thirty minutes before I engaged in self-harming behavior, I felt I was being Divinely sup- ported. After I had taken a lethal number of pills and feel my heart begin to race, and feel faint, nauseous, and knew there was a chance I could have a heart attack and/or die, I would pray to God to save my life. I did not really want to die; I was just so ill and drug dependent, and I did not know how to stop, or where to go to ask for help. I would say The Serenity Prayer over and over, aloud, down on my knees. I would also repeat it sometimes as I sat on my bedroom floor, looking up at the sky, crying tears of sorrow for the life I was abusing (and quickly losing)— mine and those of my loved ones who were watching helplessly from the sidelines as I was slowly dying.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Once I began my recovery, I discovered Kundalini meditation, which is known as the “yoga of awareness” through which one may awaken to one’s higher self. The higher self is the enlight- ened part of ourselves that is connected to the Universe/God/Spirit. I continue this practice daily to remain connected throughout each moment of my day.

Please use any or all of these prayers/meditations as they resonate with you.

I would suggest implementing a prayer/meditation practice daily. This is the way I came to know God/Spirit/the Universe intimately, and ultimately, how I came to “know” my higher self. I believe that God/Spirit/the Universe hears us in prayer, and answers us in the quiet of our meditation.

I end my prayer/meditation every day with the mantra, “Sat Nam,” which is a Kundalini phrase that means “truth identified” or “truth is my name.”

In addition, in the midst of my active substance use disorder, I had a Pilates instructor come to my home at least twice a week, as I was bedridden and housebound most of the time. The num- ber of pills I was taking were causing a variety of serious health issues that disabled me physical- ly, as well as seriously contaminating my organs. Pilates is a practice that allowed me to move my body a little bit during the day, and it felt stimulating to my mind in a natural way. Eventual- ly, I became trained as a Pilates instructor. Pilates improves flexibility, muscle strength and tone, and is gentle in movement, which I needed at that time. It also guides one in connecting to the movement of your body. I highly suggest Pilates (with medical approval, of course) as a gentle tool that supports body, mind, and spirit.

The following is a prayer I created in my early recovery:

“Dearest enlightening and loving spirits and angels of the highest blessings,

I see beyond my physical sight when I am present. I hear beyond my physical hearing when I am open. When I allow myself to receive in a loving space, I am limitless. I listen for your words as I ask for guidance each day, and I follow your wisdom. I feel your presence inside of me and all around me that is all encompassing love. I am so grateful to have your loving guidance. Thank you for my divine gift of connection, and for all of my blessings. Please continue to keep me deeply grounded in faith, and show me where to go, who to see, and what to say and to whom, to help another soul.

Amen . . . Sat Nam”

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When one has never experienced unconditional love in their lifetime, most especially from their caregivers, one has no compass. They are lost, wandering aimlessly in un-chartered territory searching for anything to fill the void. It is always a temporary, unfulfilling experience.

If one has grown up with abandonment of a parent, an absent, albeit physically present caregiver, and/or an abusive and neglectful caregiver, a caregiver with multiple partners that are introduced to the children, that trauma experience becomes ones “love” compass. Abandonment. Trauma. Drama. Uncertainty. Feeling unsafe and insignificant. Craving attention. Mistrust.

“Remain detached so I will never have to be abandoned again.” Sometimes the pain is irreversible.

They search aimlessly for a partner. And when God offers them a loving partner, they become confused as they cannot identify with love. They self sabotage, as well as sabotage the relationship. It is a mindset of “ I am going to abandon you before you abandon me to avoid the pain.“ They are unable to trust or to love from an authentic place of experience.

One does not need a compass when they are alone in a familiar place.

Only those who put God/Spirit/Universe at the center of their daily lives, and those who choose to be brave enough to unpack, and explore the past trauma will one day be able to engage in a loving, healthy relationship.

This work is a freeing experience. It offers one awareness and enlightenment. It takes hard work, patience, acceptance and commitment to ones growth. Here is the space where we find self-love, and eventually can engage in a loving relationship.

It is not for the faint of heart.”



P.S…most of us have experienced some type of trauma. We are all finding our way. Our caregivers did the best that they could with the tools that they had at that time, as are we.

Take your time, stay away from self criticism and/or judgment, and be willing to explore and to heal.

Only you can create a healthy lifestyle change…Only you can choose love…

Pick up a compass and create your own path…

Or not.”

Blessings always,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When one has an insatiable desire for attention and tells me that they “feel like a kid in a candy store” as they practically live on multiple dating sites, for years, I say, “check please! Next!…” Their words (profile) is a “mismatch” of their actions. You know the one! He says, “trust me, you can trust me!”

It is hard to find a partner that encompasses integrity, honesty and vulnerability, let alone being monogamous in my experience.

One is responding to an unfillable void that has been draining them for a lifetime, and they continue to go back to the “candy store” seeking external validation. It is a temporary fix for a craving that is an addiction, to replace a truth that is too painful to unwrap, to swallow, to digest, and to heal.

Check please!”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Final changes have been made and Write Pray Recover:A Journey to Wellness through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care has now gone into the layout and design phase!

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book!


Recently, a very wise healer/intuitive man told me not to doubt my intuition. I​ knew exactly what he meant.

I have known for most of my life that I am blessed with a gift of spiritual “knowing” and intuition. It’s divine direction and guidance, as the universe interacts with me through many paths of higher communication. In the years of recovery from my prescription drug addiction, and co-occurring mental-health disorders, my spiritual connection has become stronger than ever. My senses are in a heightened state of awareness and receiving. I am blessed to be fully awake to experience all of the beautiful and meaningful moments of life, as well as those I am made aware of beyond my physical limitations. 

A recent spiritual encounter happened in January of 2020, where I was shown very specific information. I had been missing Steve, my ex, who had been my love for a very long time—and at this time, although we kept in touch intermittently, we had been apart for two years since our breakup in January, 2018, after being together for three years. Steve and I had been madly in love, living together most of the time and about to move in permanently, and we were engaged (what we considered the equivalent of marriage), but we both brought unhealed trauma into our current relationship, which made it painful and difficult to navigate. Many times, we would inadvertently be triggered by each other, and each time, it became more difficult to recover. We sought short-term therapy to no avail. We separated on January 13, 2018. We were both seriously heartbroken. Neither of us had the tools at that time that we truly needed to navigate our differences selflessly, practicing self-care, while also caring for our beloved at the same time. 

Neither of us had healed enough yet from previous stress and trauma, and each time we differed, it drained us both of our energy. Spirit had been reassuring me all along that Steve and I would for certain find our way back to each other. Steve would intermittently keep in touch, and we would profess our love for each other. I would send him love energetically multiple times a day, and I could feel him intuitively receiving my love. However, we must always live by divine timing. I could feel the deep, loving, spiritual energy between my love and I every day. Not once did I doubt that, at the perfect time, as the universe coordinated this reunion, Steve and I would find each other again, and that led by Spirit, we would know at that time if we were meant to be together for a season or a lifetime. I knew we would forever be connected energetically, steeped in love, guided by the divinity within us, and always blessed by Spirit to have shared love, time, and space, even if it were to be temporary.  Just two days ago, as of this writing, in January 2020, the synchronicities and messages from Spirit became so clear that Steve and I would be brought together on January 17, 2020. These clear signs were exactly what I had envisioned and believed with certainty. 

I share this often in my book, because it has deep meaning to me: A Course In Miracles says, “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” This has become my mantra over the years. 

Steve had come into my life in December of 2014, not quite two years into my recovery. He was there to guide me, and to cheer me on during so many life lessons and divine-learning experiences. I always said he was the smartest man I know, and I know that he loved me deeply, and I him. I valued his insight and life wisdom. He used to call me a “butterfly.” I broke out of the darkness of my chrysalis, and wings in tow, was free . . . as a butterfly. 

When we would awaken in the morning, he would smile that beautiful smile with that gorgeous dimple and say, “Good morning, sunshine!” And, as he kissed me goodbye at the door as I left for work as a recovery specialist at the Mental Health Association, he would always say, “Go save lives.” He was so proud of me and the work that I was doing. When I returned home, he’d say, “How was your day? And don’t leave out any details!” Steve was my best friend, and the love of my life. He could make me laugh like no other. We had a special prayer that we prayed every morning, and even when we were in different physical locations, we would pray together over the phone. I have never loved so deeply before, and certainly not since. I am at peace, knowing that I had a true love experience, and I enjoy my life, solo, for now, with my family and friends, and my career, serving as many as God entrusts to me in my community.

On January 17, 2020, as the day went on, the signs, through the Universe/God/Spirit, became deafening in a beautiful and reassuring way, through music, through other people’s words, and through my intuition. I had been invited by my friends Jason and Ann to attend a music event. I “knew” that Steve would be there. I could feel it in my gut. Our song, “At Last,” had been playing throughout the last week, more than usual, followed by a theme of “reunion” music offering information through it, and a week prior, a car had passed me on my way home from work with the license plate “Atlast2.” Steve’s name, first and last, also continued to reveal itself to me, and our number “555” as well. Steve is of Latin descent (we used to lovingly call each other “Lucy and Ricky,”) and on my Pandora radio, between songs, commercials were aired in Spanish, Steve’s heritage. For a few days, it was constant. Daily signs, messages, and synchronicity from Spirit showed up. I was beyond excited as I longed to see Steve once more, no matter the outcome.

As I pulled into the venue to meet Jason and Ann, I heard our song play on Pandora. I also asked the universe, on my drive there, to show me our number, 555, if in fact my intuition was correct (Steve’s birth month and birth year) for further validation, and as I pulled up to the light before the venue, a truck pulled alongside of me with a license plate with the last three numbers 555! Then as I said thank you to Spirit and started to get very emotional, loud sirens began to blow right where I was driving. In the past, Spirit has made loud declarations in this way! It has been my sign of validation of Spirit’s communication. I was getting so excited! I could not wait to see Steve. I was experiencing that “certainty and knowing!” It was thrilling! We hadn’t seen each other in so long! As I was about to get out of my car at the venue, through my rearview mirror, I could see a car begin to back up into the space next to me. It was dark, but I could see the license plate and make of the car, and my heart began to race with excitement. I got out of my car, and there was Steve behind the wheel! He saw me, looked shocked, and motioned for me to approach. I actually felt lightheaded and began to feel faint as I approached my beloved. In fact, I think I lost my balance for a moment! I was nervous and excited at the same time. Everything that I “knew” to be true and that I was certain of through spiritual communication had come to fruition. I had dreamed about and prayed for this day. 

That night was a reminder and validation that everything that I feel and believe, energetically and spiritually, is a manifestation of my positivity, my beliefs, and my gorgeous spiritual practice that keeps me connected to the truth through the loving guidance of the Universe/God/Spirit. Steve and I danced, we flirted, and we hugged. With us, our deep soul love, we don’t need words to feel the love. We are love, and in love with each other, and it is palpable to us and to anyone in our company. Steve and I both have said that we had never truly been in love before we met. A first for both of us. 

Although Spirit eventually revealed to me, in May, 2020, that Steve and I were only fated for a season, I trust that there is a divine blessing in this separation. I may never know what that is, but my faith is so strong that I “know” it is in both Steve and my highest blessings. We have been so blessed to have found each other and to share the time and experiences that we had enjoyed as a couple, and with our beautiful children and grandchildren. Even when people leave our lives physically, love always keeps them close in memory, and in matters of the heart. Steve Roman, you will have a piece of my heart, always and forever. May God always bless you and your beautiful family. God always has the last word, so I take comfort in that. 

Is there a spiritually orchestrated relationship or situation that you have recently experienced? What did you learn through this experience? What is your takeaway?

You may want to start your own “Spiritual Log” to document your experiences to be shared in order to inspire others to Write Pray Recover!


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Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Always believe that love will show up. The Universe will present exciting options when you are so busy living your life that your attention is focused elsewhere.

When you have created a fulfilling life on your own, living joyously, in gratitude and service, with God/Spirit/Universe at the center, your blessing of potential love will be placed on your path…at your feet…exactly what you had prayed for…

Look up child…

Look up…”

Love and blessings,