When you no longer are connected to what used to be meaningful to you because you have been shown the “truth…”

Where there has been a breach of commitment but God pulls you out and saves you from that toxic person…(and you re-edit and update your upcoming book to reflect the ”truth.”)

Celebrate your freedom.”



For those who came before me, at the same time as me, and who followed me…May God Bless you too.

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“I understand why many people are very sensitive to the subject of God. Beliefs and understanding of what God means and represents are so personal. It is my choice to accept and respect each person’s personal understanding and practices, and to continue to practice my faith in the way that resonates with me. We are all looking for the same thing:

Love, connection, and peace.

For me, I believe that God is the catalyst, through unwavering faith, that provides me with love, connection, and peace.

We all travel a different path along our journey. Detours, re-routing, roadblocks and continuous travel subsequently guide us all to our corresponding destination.”

Love and blessings,


BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


“When we are blessed with love and close friends in our lives who allow us to talk about our grief, it allows us to release the trauma. In fact, the body and mind connection is so strong that by allowing ourselves to release the trauma through processing, talking, and practicing self care, we can avoid dis-ease.

Through these mindful, healthy practices, we can begin to heal on a cellular level.

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To your health and wellness!

Love and blessings,




“The spiritual warrior in me wants to say, “I see you. I see that you are in pain. How can I help?”

And then there is the woman who has been that spiritual warrior for years without being given an ounce of gratitude or reciprocity. The woman who embraces one with an unstable and very predictable storyline of lies and deceit hoping that God will wrap him in enlightenment. The enlightenment this man swears he has been awakened to. But he runs from God.

The woman who has allowed blurred boundaries over and over all in the name of love. The warrior who has practiced acceptance, great compassion and empathy, and non judgement, even in the years of narcisstic abuse. What I used to tell him I saw as a “mind f—.” And yes, I allowed it.

This warrior now says, “I see you. I see that you are in pain. I am unable to help.”

I no longer allow one who is living with a narcisstic personality disorder to penetrate my wellness.

When this man lost his niece recently, I sent a loving letter of condolences for him and his family.

My daughter just lost the love of her life this week, and this man has not sent one word of condolences for her…someone he claimed to love.

My story has changed. The storyline has changed. My book has changed.

Stay tuned.

And set healthy and firm boundaries because a snake can slither its way in from many different angles.

Watch what is under your feet. Protect your energy.





“And in the morning there is always the opportunity for a new perspective. Reality greets me with a fresh pair of eyes as I awaken.

Spirit reminds me that I am loved.

I have a higher purpose. No matter the daily challenges, I must stay the course in order to serve others through the love and guidance of the Universe.

I pause. I breathe deeply. I pray. I receive the answers that I seek for a blessed day through my meditation practice. I begin again.

Just for today…”

Love and blessings,




Here is my take on love…my two cents…

We never just disappear from someone’s life without a word. And then just show up again just as unexpectedly. It demonstrates deep disrespect.

We must display enough respect to speak our truth. No white lies. No half truths. No withholding of facts. We trust our beloved in a safe space. And be certain that if our beloved asks about a particular situation, our beloved already knows the truth.

We are mature in that we can use our words to express our deepest emotions and feel safe to do so because we are connected on a deeply spiritual level. Usually in this type of connection, love and the deep bond cannot be broken.

If we truly are “in love” and have experienced a “divine moment,” we build upon that relationship, with God at the center of it all. We must humble ourselves and put our beloved at the same space where we meet ourselves. “Love people where they are.” We ask for spiritual guidance when we feel uncertain, and for validation all along the journey. We remain devoted. We offer ourselves from a place of deep empathy and kindness. We remain monogamous. We cherish the “divine love” that we speak of. We exercise patience. We offer unconditional love. We navigate the toughest terrain…with our emotional vocabulary, and with our actions that which align with our words. We have an ongoing dialogue. We communicate which is the key to a lasting, loving, spiritual foundation.

We do everything to make sure never to break our beloved’s heart, again and again, for our own agenda.

Over the recent past, I am learning more and more what “divine love” really means.

My suggestion is to search “for the coping skills that resonate and see the bigger picture perspective that’s necessary to really heal.” Alone and together. This was something that my beautiful daughter, Nicole, shared with me today after losing the love of her life suddenly at age 46 two days ago. It is so profound.

Love, I believe, is non linear because it does have ups and downs, just like life itself, BUT, the emotions are always with us deep within our soul and are felt energetically if this love is truly “divine.”

We may get angry, or triggered, which is good information to be used to heal, and can actually be formed into a coping skill. It is a choice to love over that of fear.

If love is truly “divine,” it is always present.

I believe it is.

Love always,