I stand firmly in my Faith – Love, Wendy

My faith reminds me that even in the most challenging of moments, and in the heartbreak, that I can breathe in peace knowing that Spirit is always present…within, and all around me. His presence provides me with ever present peace, and the knowing that I am safe, I am well, and I am loved.

Affirm: “I stand firmly in my faith.”

Love and blessings,




“Stand in your power. Do not give away your power.

Speak your truth. Here is where your freedom begins.
Own it. Make amends. Forgiveness is an apology away.

Show up and allow yourself to be seen. Wear your vulnerability. You will find love and forgiveness in your humility.

Maybe this is your opportunity to build grit and toughness and strength…
and re-connection.
Return to love.

We can either use fear and adversity as an opportunity to grow, to connect, and to learn a deeper love of self and another, or allow it to control our lives leaving us running on empty.

When we learn from our mistakes, time and energy is never wasted.

And love is always the antidote.”

Love always,




“In a matter of one minute everything can change. And it does.

Your life can take a turn you did not expect. It may feel incredibly foreign. Unfamiliar. New information that is old is delivered.


You are forced to see new perspectives, and to practice acceptance of information that is unconscionable, yet undeniable.

And, you carry the disturbing burden of this new information, and a new perspective into the present day in order to remind yourself that nothing and no one is ever really one hundred percent of what, or whom they present to others. And there are some who are complete imposters, one hundred percent.


Just Breathe…

Lesson taught over and over again finally sinks in, and is learned. When the truth reveals itself the first time, accept it. Put down the rose colored glasses, stop listening to fairy tales, kick the garbage to the curb, and move on.

Take care of yourself. Depend only upon yourself. Love and nurture yourself. Forgive yourself for loving and trusting the wrong person.

And keep moving forward…


Love, Wendy



“Behind the seemingly stone cold heart there is a warm flush of emotions. I watch as they gently bubble up to the surface as your face softens and I see a hint of a faint smile to match the light that is slowly coming through your eyes.
Underneath the brick wall that was built for protection from the disappointment and the fear, I see a small crack in the foundation that offers a space for us to rebuild.

Brick by brick and breath by breath…

We heal together with experience on how to build it to be unbreakable.

Shakable, yet unbreakable.”

Love and blessings,




“Be a loving example for your daughters and granddaughters of strength, determination, and love of self, especially in today’s world.

Living with passion, living with purpose, practicing daily self care in order to achieve wellness, combined with love, perseverance, patience, consistency, faith, and courage can help foster self-esteem, independence, and a strong foundation of understanding ones inner self. Especially in times of adversity and challenge, we need to exhibit our own strong sense of self allowing vulnerability and humility to shine through.

The little ones and young women are always watching and mimicking the behavior of the adults in their lives. Be cognizant of the young women in your lives who look to us for leadership. There is so much chaos in today’s society, and I feel that it is up to those of us who have a pretty solid sense of self and foresight to be a glistening reflection of light and hope so when they look in the mirror, they will be able to see the beautiful soul that God created.”





“Sorrow keeps us company when we lose something or someone that is dear to us. It is a natural course, a process which allows us to express our feelings of loss.

The grief weighs us down in a space where we are immobile, even numb, and as time passes, we slowly begin to smile, and even laugh now and again, and we feel ourselves becoming lighter.

We begin to move our fingers, then our toes, then our limbs and head, and we rise up above the grief…above the pain, or at least remain parallel to our emotions and feelings.

We begin to move forward with tentative ease, and we learn that we are strong, and that we are resilient because we have to be…because we are still blessed with life, and we must continue to live it with gratitude, joy, grace, and ease.

We create a space on the shelf for the sorrow and the grief as a reminder of eternal love, but we do not allow the emotions to steal our joy, or to end our lives.

We choose wellness through remaining present to our emotions, our feelings, and of the beauty of God that surrounds us, and we make peace. And, most days, we reconcile that peace over and over. And we breathe.”

Love and blessings,



The truth is always revealed – Love, Wendy

When we entrust our heart and soul to another, including having shared our journey in my new book, and subsequently find that we have been betrayed, and our trust was defamed as we believed beyond illusion that one was filled with integrity and truth, we reflect upon the love we offered, and the life we shared, only to find out, years later, that it had all been a lie.

As I pray and sit in meditation, especially over the past few months, I hear God/Spirit/Universe tell me the same thing over and over as I am spiritually guided, “How is anyone going to love you when they don’t love themselves?” And I further hear that this relationship had merely been a “distraction,” to catapult my awareness into a higher frequency. A Divine blessing.

I used the circumstances to my advantage as I continued to learn to step out of my comfort zone, to speak my truth, to set healthier and firmer boundaries, and never to allow anyone to “feed me crumbs” as a “relationship” offering, as opposed to a full meal.

I stand by my book and the stories I have shared as that is how I felt at that time, and what I believed to be “truth.”

A Divine lesson. A spiritual detour as I found my true road to love.

Love of oneself first is what God tells us is necessary before we can ever offer our love to another.

Indeed, the truth is always revealed.”

Love and blessings,



Peace is as close as the silence within-Love, Wendy

Check in with yourself. Your Inner Wisdom knows the truth…listen carefully…follow directions.

Your peaceful solution lives within.

Your struggle is unnecessary…Trust your inner wisdom which speaks to us every moment. When we are struggling, it is because we are going against what our Soul KNOWS is best for us.

When we make a decision that is not meant for our highest blessing, it manifests in physical symptoms that cause us to feel unwell.

Use your courage to listen to your Intuition…your inner wisdom. It may feel uncomfortable at first as you become accustomed to what wellness feels like.

Be patient with yourself as you experience the new “normal.” This is wellness of your body, mind and soul aligning with your your inner wisdom, and that of Spirit.

You will quickly realize that the answer to peace is as close as the silence within.”

Love, Wendy

BOOK, Harmonious Health 4 Life


Families become broken, and many times destroyed…an irreperable family unit, when one or more family members lives with untreated Substance Use Disorder/Alcohol Use Disorder, and/or mental illness.

When the family member(s) living with these disorders gets well and makes amends, as well as sustainable lifestyle changes, and implements new healthy daily practices, the family can heal. Baby steps.

And, sometimes the deep wounds will never heal. Other family members are not willing to do the work. They are unwilling to forgive, unwilling to empathize, have been deeply traumatized, and/or they may be living with these disorders themselves and choose not to make changes that align with wellness.

The work that is necessary to achieve wellness requires that one take a very close look at their own actions, thoughts, and behaviors. They must want to create healthy change as their loved one(s) has done. They must work to unlearn unhealthy practices that contribute to the unhealthy family dynamic. If they decide that this work is too challenging and it is not work they are willing to put forth, this family is living in what I call the “Humpty Dumpty Syndrome.”

Either each family member does their own healing individually, and together with the family…ongoing and willingly, and if not, “All the  Kings horses and all the kings men cannot put Humpty together again.”

Substance Use Disorder/Alcohol Use Disorder, and mental illness are family diseases.





“Mental abuse where we are made to believe that we are not good enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, and the like, becomes a part of our cellular memory. It can definitely be unlearned, and it is a lifelong process.

Recently, as I continue to try desparately to love myself the way that I am after gaining weight due to steroids, I recognize that is an uphill climb with old, uncaring voices of those who were tasked with my well being, and an unhealthy mindset that I am “not good enough.”

This morning I decided to remind myself that I am a beautiful soul that nobody in my life growing up, or in either of my marriages recognized. Same for subsequent relationships. However, I recognize the beauty within, and even with the extra pounds, the outer beauty.

And most of all, I know that I am doing the best that I can on my continuous journey of healing the bruises that were inflicted by others who just did not have the ability to love unconditionally, or to raise a little girl who would love herself in any situation, in every situation.

Every day I offer a special time to nurture that “little girl” within.

We all have an “inner child.”

Hear that child, see that child, protect that child, nurture that child, and offer unconditional love to that child.

Watch how that child grows with the proper love and care.

We can unlearn what does not empower us, and re-learn thoughts and behaviors that are empowering, and that enhance our well being.”

Love and blessings,